Skiing holidays can be complicated. There is a lot of physical preparation to do before you go and then you need to sort out lift passes, food and accommodation while you are there. Most people have lots of questions before they go on a ski trip and unfortunately a lot of them get answered incorrectly. Make sure you know the right answers.

Where should I go?

Many people answer with Switzerland or Canada. Whistler located in Canada is a very popular ski resort. But it can be expensive for those of us travelling from the UK. A more reasonable option that most British skiers consider Switzerland. It has beautiful mountain and scenery; it is a great pick for a ski break. But be careful that you don’t discount the equally beautiful French and Italian Alps. Skiing in France or Italy is a fantastic experience as you have both great snow and views. You can also get some lovely luxury accommodation like the morzine ski chalets in France. There you can combine the activity of the day with some much earned down time in the evening.

What kit should I take?

The answer to this question seems to be ‘no kit’ for a lot of holiday skiers. However, this is not always the best option. Having your own skis is a great way to minimise injuries on the slopes. Taking your own boots stops you feet getting blistered and sore. Also, the idea of sharing another person’s boots is pretty gross, no matter how many pairs of thick socks you have on. Of course even, if you are not taking your actual skiing kit, and you want to rent it there, make sure you do take lots of warm layers with you. You will need some thermal underwear, a good ski jacket and some goggles to protect you from the glare of the sun on the snow?

Do I need a rest day?

If you are answering no to this question, you are either wrong or have superhuman fitness. Skiing is a whole body workout. No matter how hard you have trained for your vacation before you go, you are bound to experience some issues with sore muscles. That is why you do need to take a rest day now and then. Overworking your muscles can lead to more serious injuries like strains and sprains. So take at least an afternoon off and soak yourself in a hot tub to relax.

Can I eat whatever I want because I’m burning so many calories?


I think the majority of people will answer yes to this questions. After all, you are on holiday, so you’ll probably eat what you like anyway. But you do need to be careful as some of the traditional apre ski fair, is very high in calories and saturated fats. Try to balance your diet and don’t forget to include some fruits and vegetables during your stay. Then you won’t have such a shock on the scales when you return home.

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