So you’ve already done some major cities in the United States. New York: check. Los Angeles: Check. San Francisco: check. Ever thought about heading to Chicago? It may not right at the top of many people’s must-see sights in America, but there are loads of reasons why you should book a trip. It’s a buzzy city full of history and culture. Interested to know more? Here’s why you need to book a trip to Chicago right now!

Fabulous Food

There is a lot of awesome food to sample in Chicago! There are so many farmer’s markets selling fresh, local produce; you won’t ever need to go to a supermarket for supplies. And when you fancy eating out, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the variety of restaurants, diners, and cafes. But one place you should definitely eat is at Green Field Market. There are many street food stalls serving everything from hot sugared donuts to gigantic burgers!

Fantastic Public Transport System

Okay, so Chicago is huge. However, the excellent public transport system helps to make the city feel a lot smaller than it actually is. You won’t have any problem hopping between all the cool sights as you can always jump on a bus or the El train (the El is short for ‘elevated’!). Traveling in a large group? Then you may want to book some private transport. Take a look at GOGO Charters in Chicago for an idea of prices.


You don’t instantly think of beaches when you think of Chicago, right? After all, the Midwest isn’t exactly known for its balmy climate! But there are miles of sandy beaches in the city, all of which are very popular with both tourists and locals! Hit the beach to work on your tan or get something to eat – you’ll find lots of different eateries out on the beach! The beaches are especially popular between May and September. During this period get there early to reserve your spot!



There is a whole load of history waiting to be discovered in Chicago! The city was transformed from an undesirable location to a hub of national trade. This made it an important gateway between the western and eastern states. You can explore this exciting period of history in the Union Stock Yards. You can explore the full history of the city in the great Chicago History Museum.

Travel The World

You don’t need to leave Chicago to see different cultures! The city is one of the most multicultural in the whole of the United States. Sample some delicious dumplings in Chinatown. Don’t forget to take some terrific holiday snaps of its bright architecture. Fancy some fresh homemade pasta? Then head to Little Italy! There is also a Greektown, where you can sample some tasty Mediterranean treats! Not only do these areas have amazing restaurants, but you’ll also find annual festivals and events!

So what are you waiting for? Book your Chicago vacation today; we can’t wait to hear about your fun trip!

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