Paris is one of the most popular cities to visit in the world. It’s known as the city of love and has famous landmarks which include the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame. However, a lot of people don’t get clued up before going to the city. Here is some advice you need to follow to ensure you have a great trip.

You need to book tickets in advance

One piece of advice you need when you travel to Paris is that you should book tickets in advance before going to the country. It will stop you having to queue for ages when you get to attractions such as the Eiffel Tower. It can also save you some money if you book before you get there as you can get tickets online at discounted rates. You should also book any tours before you go. That way, you know you will see an attraction, and won’t miss out if it’s too busy when you get there.

You need to decide how to get around

Another piece of advice you need to follow to ensure it’s a great trip is you need to decide how to get around the city. If you are going to use the metro, make sure you read up before you use it so you know where you are going. Otherwise, it can be very confusing, and it is hard to find someone to help. If you decide to drive, you will have to decide how long you want the car for. You will also have to find some parking for the vehicle if there isn’t any at the hotel. You can search online to find parking near attractions such as parking near Notre Dame.

You should try and learn a bit of French before you go

An additional piece of advice you need to follow to ensure it’s a great trip is to learn a little French before you go. Not everyone speaks English in Paris, so it’s important to know a few important words if you do need to ask for help. As this feature explains, they will also appreciate the effort if you do attempt to speak their language while you are in the city. You could take a language guide with you so you can refer to it if you get stuck.

You need a good map to get around  

Another piece of advice you need to follow when travelling to Paris is you need a good map to get around the city. It can be confusing to get around the capital, and there is a chance you will get lost while you are there. You should consider using your Google Maps so you can check where you are if you are using GPS.  Also, it’s ideal so you have a good idea for where you need to go. You can pick up a map from a tourist centre while you are in the city.

Don’t forget to ensure you check out the different food places to find the best deal on food. Not all places are expensive; you can read this guide to know how to eat cheap while you are there. Remember to try the cheese in France as it’s one of their best delicacies.

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