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Belize is a small and thinly populated country located in the heart of the Central America. It is said to have the longest Barrier Reef in the world, which stretches all through the Easter coast. Belize always has been a tourist attraction spot because of its tropical climate in the country of US. Besides this, its scenic beauty, varied marine life, cool breezes and friendly people also invite the tourists to this landscape. Also, in the entire Central America, Belize is the only English speaking country. However, Belize can be considered as an integral part of the Caribbean Islands as it is located on their coastal line.

One of the most visited places in the Belize City is the St. John’s Cathedral, which is believed to be constructed in the early 1800’s. Apart from this, the Bliss Institute for Arts is also the place worth a visit. There are many cultural activities performed in this institute. Many renowned artists of the Belize City perform cultural dances here.

There is a blend of many different cultures and religions in Belize. You can find people from Creole, Garifuna, Mestizo, Spanish, Lebanese, Chinese and East India culture in the city all blended together like one single population due to harmony, religious tolerance and a decent political culture.

Some other destinations worth visiting here are the National parks, bridges, Belize zoo, Gran’s farm, Belmopan and Baron Bliss Lighthouse monument in the city. The city is also famous for its wide flora and fauna attractions; you can get a glimpse of white tailed deer, Jaguarondi and Kinkajou in the Guanacaste National Park. Apart from these, birds like Blue crown Motmot, Woodpecker and Kingfisher. Do not forget to visit the San Ignacio while your visit in Belize.

Every destination in the city would bring to you its charm of archeological excavations, national parks, marine life, sanctuaries and natural reserves along with a varied wild life to be admired.
If you’re the one that likes adventures then Belize is certainly a place for you. Swimming, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, diving with the attractive reef in sight alongwith the lush jungles can make you live a fully adventurous life till the time you’re in the city.

Although the citizens are very friendly but still there are many narcotics related gang crime, also other crimes have been noticed lately in the city. As a traveler you’d need to be a little careful and maintain a keen alertness when roaming around. You should be pretty safe when you’d maintain your roaming around the tourist zones as there are many police officers doing round there to protect the visitors and also to have a strict watch at the happenings there.

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