Definitely taking a nap in panama

Panama is a country located at the isthmus that connects the North and South America. It is not only an international business center but also the third largest growing economy in Central America. This is one country that is a major tourist attraction spot in the continent of US. Here you can have lots of adventurous activities like hiking, zip line Canopy, horse riding, scuba diving and snorkeling, fishing, boating, etc, etc.

The most eye catching thing is that because of growing tourism the government itself is offering tax and price discounts for the tourists. Panama enjoys a tropical maritime climate all year long and because of its close proximity to equator the summers last longer than the winters. Because of its location it is not affected by hurricane winds like the other countries in Central America.

As said earlier this place is great for adventures and also you can get your hands on one of the world’s best national parks in here. You could very well get there without a guide, but then there are some rainforests which are too thick and do not even have a specific trail for newbie’s to reckon and hence it is advised to have a tourist guide along with you.

Also, Boquete is one of the most favorite destinations for the hikers. People from all round the world to catch a glimpse of the Resplendent Quetzal. There are also lots of canopy adventures available in the Panama City, the capital of Panama country.

If you like horseback riding then the two most accessible and outgoing places for that are; the beaches of, ‘Boscas del Toro’, near dolphin bay and also the mountains in Boquete are famous for this sport.
As the Panama country is surrounded by Pacific and the Atlantic, it offers visitors a great deal in water sports. You can go for snorkeling and scuba diving and watch the best whales in the Pacific side. However, if you wish to explore the Coral and reef fishes then you should head towards the Atlantic area.

Gulf of Chiriqui is well known for habitat of varied fishes and hence you would love to go fishing in here. Panama is certainly the best place in the world to catch the Black Marlin species. You could also go towards the Pacific side and explore the bay of Pinas and Zane Grey Reef for fishing activities.

You also get to sip the best coffee in the world in Panama. Being a coffee producing region you can also take a look at the various coffee estates in here.

Besides these activities you can also opt for white water rafting, kayaking and rock climbing in this beautiful country.

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