With less than two months left, the holidays are nearly upon us. That means you’re that much closer to time off work, family gathers, holiday parties, and – most importantly – your vacation. If you’re struggling to find a unique, interesting way to spend your holidays with your ski crazy family, then look no further than a heli skiing vacation.

It will be nothing like your last ski vacation, spent at an overcrowded, corporate resort somewhere across the world. Your children will actually thank you for this kind of holiday, because with heli skiing, you get to skip the lines of the ski lifts, the masses of novice skiers covering the hills, and the crowds back at the chalet. A heli skiing vacation leaves all of that behind for the solitude of beautiful, untouched mountains.

You and your family will be taken to the peaks of the world’s most breathtaking mountains for an exclusive run down their slopes. By helicopter, you’ll arrive at a pristine point, amongst towering evergreens, jagged peaks, and powder snow. The best part is that it will only be you and your family up there. You’ll have the luxury of taking it all in on your own time, never having to worry about another skier getting in the way. You’ll also get to fly down the peaks at your preferred speed, as the only things you’ll have to avoid are the beautiful trees around you.


While you’re enjoying the best ski runs of your life (as nature intended), the heli skiing service is working to make it your best holiday ever. Expert pilots make your trip up as smooth as possible, while professional guides make sure you’re safe and happy out in the wilderness. Back at the lodge, at the base of the mountains, you’ll relax in luxury, as you and your family are greeted by a staff of friendly and helpful people. Your cabins will have all the amenities of modern life, and you’ll feel the special service in your boutique lodgings.

You might think you’ll have to travel the world over to find an exclusive experience of heli skiing, but British Columbia is the world’s heli skiing capital. For heli skiing British Columbia is the place to be, as the Canadian Rockies make for the perfect location for this private vacation. The snow that collects at its tallest peaks (year round) is unparalleled. You and your family are tired of the overrun snow and crowded ski hills of the typical resort, so start planning a heli skiing vacation in BC. In this beautiful province, amongst its most secluded peaks, you’ll find the most perfect snow and unreal vistas for your family to enjoy.

It has the makings of the best family holiday ever, as you see a beautiful part of the world and experience skiing in a whole new way. So it’s best that you start booking yours today, so your holidays this year have the chance of being the best ones yet.

Written by lynx2travel

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