The beachside community of Camps Bay on South Africa's Atlantic coast

Whatever adventure you’re looking for, sailing along the coast of South Africa is likely to pack a punch. The Wild Coast, which fringes the Eastern Cape, is an untamed wilderness, featuring isolated beaches, jagged rocks, and crashing waves, while locations such as Cape Town, Durban, Umhlanga, Buffalo City, and Paternoster boast some of the country’s very best beaches and tourist hotspots comparable to Mauritius beaches. South Africa is a haven for anybody who gets their kicks out of experiencing something new, and there’s an adventure to be found around every crag and bay. The Dolphin Coast, for example, has some fantastic waves for surfing, while Paternoster is a traditional fishing village just waiting to warm you with its traditional charms. Cape Town, of course, is a vibrant, colorful, and immensely beautiful city, yet it also has hidden treasures that may only be discoverable from the sea.

What will I need to undertake my own offshore adventure?


While the idea of zipping around the South African shores on a sail yacht, luxury powerboat, or super yacht may be instantly appealing, it is worth considering the type of training and equipment that you’ll need in order to experience a safe voyage. Navigating rocky coves and inlets, and sailing out in open waters may seem like an unending adventure to begin with, but they are activities that need intense training, as well as a myriad of accessories, in order to be done safely. Even the type of boat you’re able to steer will depend on your experience and the sort of training that you’ve received, so it’s worth going into your next offshore adventure with your eyes firmly open. Luckily there are a number of courses and training exercises that can be undertaken, both at home and in South Africa, to ensure that you have a safe, and enjoyable trip. You will be taught all about the types of boat you may be steering, learn maintenance and nautical upkeep, and be coached in every aspect of sailing.

Technicalities aside, it is so easy to be inspired by those who are following their dreams out on the open sea. Lord Laidlaw, a Scottish baron, entrepreneur, and former member of the House of Lords, sold his company, the Institute for International Research, for $1.4billion back in 2005, and now sails between his homes in South Africa, France, Sardinia, and Monaco, experiencing a new adventure almost every day. Lord Laidlaw’s yacht, the Lady Christine, is a common sight in South African waters, and, while he has a substantial balance in the bank to fund such voyages, it is possible to recreate the baron’s very enviable pastime – you simply need a big dream, a little planning, and the right training to achieve the vacation of a lifetime.

The coastline of South Africa is one of the most beautiful to be found anywhere in the world, featuring wild, untamed cliffs, white sandy beaches, windswept mountainsides and rich emerald vegetation, as well as stunning azure waters, frothy waves and cozy inlets that only you may inhabit. It is little wonder that so many travelers choose to explore the delights of South Africa from the ocean, as navigating its sights by boat will introduce you to a whole new aspect of this gorgeous and diverse country.

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