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Getting away from it all is something we all have to do from time to time. It can feel like we just want to jump on a plane and escape the stresses and strains of a busy work life. And though that’s not always something we can do instantly, when you’re struck by wanderlust it’s wise to listen. Getting away for a holiday allows you to decompress and see the world from a more relaxed angle. Much better than seeing it from beneath a pile of documents and packing.

A good holiday does require planning, however. Even if it is planned in a hurry, you need to focus. Making the wrong choice somewhere along the way can lead to what should be a relaxing break becoming a nightmare. Sometimes it won’t be your fault, but this will be cold consolation if it tears a hole in your plans.

Therefore, it is worth making sure that things are well enough organized that you can zero in on, and neutralize, any problems as soon as possible.

Problem: Your Hotel Is Awful

Booking a last minute trip is enthralling. One moment all you’re thinking about is whether you dare have something from the vending machine. The next, you’re digging out your Spanish phrasebook and checking out cafes in a place you’ve never been to. But the last-minute nature of the trip can be a concern. Speed is the enemy of quality control. So make sure you’re staying somewhere you’ll be happy to be.

Solution: Don’t book a package holiday, if at all possible. Yes, they’re convenient, but you do pay a premium for it all being laid on. And sometimes, what’s laid on isn’t very good. Book flights and hotels separately. Learn More about what’s available before booking and let your imagination fly.

Problem: The Weather Is A Washout

When you return from a holiday, one of the best things about it is bragging to work colleagues about where you went. Don’t lie, you know it is. So it’s frustrating when you have to tell them “It was awful, it rained every day and I got a cold”. You need to make sure your holiday is weather-proof.

Solution: Check a long-range weather forecast before you go. It sounds obvious, but if there’s due to be storms and unseasonable bad weather, you need to know about it. You can always plan around the bad weather if you’re going somewhere with enough to do.

Problem: My Passport Has Expired

It’s late in the day to be thinking about this. If you want to be somewhere else, it’s important to have an up-to-date passport. If yours has expired, then you can’t realistically plan a last-minute holiday. If it is planned for a few weeks from now, that’s another matter.

Solution: You have one option – apply for an expedited, fast-track passport. These can be made available to you within about three weeks, but may be quicker if you’re lucky. But if you wanted to fly tomorrow, you haven’t a hope. Sorry.

Impulsivity makes holidays all the better. The unexpected change from day-to-day routine to holiday freedom is sheer bliss. But make sure you’ve planned well before making any final decisions.

Written by lynx2travel

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