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It just seems like our lives have become busier, hasn’t it? Gone are the days of the typical 40 hour workweek. These days we have smartphones, laptops, and virtual meetings that keep us connected to our jobs every hour of the day, and each day of the week. Holidays and vacations often don’t carry the same meaning anymore. It’s gotten to the point that spending a ton of money and traveling and to and fro isn’t the ideal vacation for many these days. The connected professional often craves downtime and relaxation above all else.

This is where the ‘staycation’ comes into play. For the working professional who often has to plan last minute for vacations they find themselves paying for last minute pricing. Not only that, but the hassle of airport lines, delayed flights, traffic, and the hustle and bustle that goes along with traveling to be too burdensome. A staycation is just that, a vacation where you stay put! As the old saying goes “home is where the heart is”, and many people find that it’s easier to recharge their batteries after a relaxing week at home than it is to travel 2,000 miles away to a beach city. Not only that, but it’s also quite a bit cheaper. The point of a vacation is to relax and enjoy yourself, and for some it can be hard to relax after spending a large chunk of money just to get away from it all. Saving both time and money might be all that you need to relax!

Now that doesn’t mean a staycation has to be all laziness and laying around, there are a lot of fun activities you can plan that would mimic a real vacation. Consider tropical locations that you would like to visit, such as Mexico. Perhaps one night you can have a Mexican themed dinner and drinks. Margaritas and enchiladas aren’t that difficult to make, and be can quite tasty, even from the comfort of your own home. Perhaps you enjoy resorts that offer gaming, well with today’s technology there is no reason not to enjoy it from home. You can enjoy online casinos from the comfort of your own home, just the other day I was enjoying an online blackjack game from my office desk. As you can see there no need to leave your house to enjoy “time away” from the office.

Regardless of whether you decided on a staycation, or a destination, just remember that it’s up to you to relax and recharge those batteries. Fun and relaxation is up to us, and what we make of our time away from the grind.

Written by lynx2travel

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