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Social media floods us with an overwhelming amount of information. It seems like not a day goes by without receiving a request for a charitable donation towards someone’s charity challenge. What’s going on here? Will my money go to the actual charity, or will it fund someone’s canoeing expedition to Brazil? All logical and valid questions. Here’s what really happens.

The purpose

You start by picking your favourite charity. The primary objective of a charitable adventure holiday is to donate to your favourite charity. Giving is not only good karma but also a powerful enabler for success. If you put the need of others before your own, you’ll go far in whatever you do. People such as Jennifer Atiku, who regularly raises funds to support HIV/AIDS and cancer charities, report experiencing an inner sense of satisfaction through giving. A barrister with a doctoral degree, Jennifer is actively involved in fundraising for charities in Africa and the UK.

Your adventure challenge

A charitable adventure holiday combines this powerful sense of giving with a bit of fun for yourself. As part of your giving, you set yourself a challenge. Adventure holiday operators offer different challenges ranging from scaling Mount Kilimanjaro, to a trip to the Mount Everest base camp, or a bungee jump challenge in New Zealand. The idea is for you to successfully complete your challenge, and then the operator makes your donation to the charity.

Self-funding or fundraising

Once you have chosen your challenge, you need to decide on one of two payment options. The first one is self-funding, where you pay for your trip and personal expenses, and disclose the amount you will donate. With this option, the donated amount is typically smaller and often arranged between family and friends.

With fundraising, the tour operator sets you a substantially larger target. People skilled at fundraising via social media and their business networks prefer this option. The operator then uses about 40% of this amount to fund your trip, and the 60% balance is donated to your nominated charity. A lot of adventure seekers eye the fundraising option as a ticket to a free holiday, only to discover the challenges involved in raising large amounts. Most operators will allow you to switch back to the self-funding option before your travel date.

Benefits to the charity

Apart from the donation, the whole exercise gives the charity visibility and publicity on social media. It is a way for the charity to tie-in long-term support. It allows the charity to spread its mission. For instance, the British Heart Foundation supports adventure challenges as the challenges promote lifestyle choices such as fitness.

Your perfect charitable adventure holiday is just a click away. We all want to experience that inner sense of peace and achievement by giving. If you are good at raising funds, you can feel good about making a sizeable contribution while enjoying an adventure holiday. Even if your fundraising skills are limited to pestering your family and friends, remember it’s not the amount raised but the thought behind it which counts.

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