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There are many different areas of life that you will be expected to compromise on. From where you sit in the office to what you watch on TV with your partner, these are just a couple of areas where compromise will be expected. But one area where you should never have to compromise? Your vacation! You work hard to save for it, and you book time off work to go. For these two reasons alone it should be exactly what you want. So how do you go about planning a vacation that is exactly what you did want, and none of what you didn’t want? Read on to find out more…

Finding the Ideal Time

Go on holiday when you want to! Even if your boss is pressuring you not to take time off during a big project, make the decision for yourself. If you feel like your mental well being would really benefit from a break, go for it. As long as you can leave work behind while you’re away, and won’t have too much to catch up on when you get back, go for it. Nobody should dictate when you do and don’t take a vacation. They are your days off to do with what you wish!

Finding the Ideal Location

It is can be easy to give up your perfect vacation destination if you find a cheaper deal elsewhere, but stick to your guns. If you can, hold out for the perfect deal in the place you actually want to go. You’ll never see the world if you just go to Florida every single year. If you fancy mixing things up this year, and doing a snowy holiday instead of a sunny one. Research will serve you well, as will patience and being ready to pounce when a great deal appears in your ideal location!

Finding the Ideal Travel Buddy

Maybe you love traveling with friends, family or your partner. But if you’re ready to do a vacation alone, go for it. Travelling solo can be incredibly fulfilling. As for the benefits, you get to do exactly what you want. No need to compromise on where you eat, or what time you wake up!

Finding the Ideal Itinerary

Once you’re on your vacation, you’ll want to spend your days doing exactly what you want to. Look for deals on cruises if you want to see a lot of different places in a short space of time. Go for beach resorts with a spa centre if you just want to relax and have a couple of massages. Or head to a city if you want to soak up some new culture.

Finding the Ideal Accommodation

Hotels and hostels are all well and good, but how about going for something a little more unique. Stay in a treehouse in Vietnam. Stay in an igloo in Iceland. A little research will bring up accommodation options to really make your vacation extra special.

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