Have you always wanted to visit France? Most people have dreamt at one time or another of visiting the romantic capital of the world. The only daunting task is conquering the number of activities you want to do, and the amount of sites you want to see. France is filled to the brim with history, and the sites to explore are almost insurmountable. Unless you are planning on moving and spending the rest of your life there it is probably wise to put together a list of things you want to accomplish during your stay. For the sake of this article I will assume you plan on spending a week there and will point out some of the finer things to enjoy during that amount of time.

If you are able to travel during the winter time France is well known for their fine ski slopes. The well known Val d’lsere is France’s highest mountain pass. Not for the inexperienced or faint of heart this is one of the most exquisite ski slopes around the globe. While it is difficult to find a cheap hotel in this part of France it is not entirely impossible provided you plan ahead.

Most of us know that France has some of the tastiest wines, but were you aware that they also have some of the best champagnes as well? Areas like Montagne de Reims have quality champagne and win circuits for tasting along the way. Make sure you watch your consumption if driving as the options available can be numerous.

As I said before, there is fine cuisine to be had in France. If fine dining is your thing then consider Le Chantecler. You will dine in exquisite indulgence surrounded by 16th century eye-catching artifacts. If you like the experience of fine French dining without the hefty price tag then consider stopping in during lunch. You can enjoy the same great cuisine for a fraction of the dinner prices.

The Loire Valley is one of the most visually appealing places on the planet. This area of France traces its roots back to royalty several centuries ago. Plush landscapes and beautifully maintained architecture dot the city streets. Might I recommend stopping by for a at least a night or two and taking shelter at one of the best and most affordable bed and breakfasts that France has to offer.

While there are countless other sights to see, and activities to experience, not everything can fit into a one week visit. Pick and choose what’s most important to you and plan accordingly. But most importantly, have fun!

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