Tenerife, el Teide

Although Tenerife isn’t too far away, there are many things that could possibly go wrong. It is always best to cover yourself with travel insurance just in case any of these unlikely events happen. Travel insurance covers everything from lost possessions and illness to flight cancellations and delays. Amazingly, 15% of people still travel without travel insurance, this could create a financial black hole if they seek medical treatment whilst at their destination, or something worse happens.

When looking for travel insurance, it is best to check with your provider just exactly what they cover, and make sure you aren’t scammed on price. Whilst it’s best to make sure you are well and truly covered, there is a definite limit to how much you should be spending on it. So don’t fork out billions, because whilst these things could still happen, it’s too unlikely to spend your life savings on.

The travel insurance feature most people have is trip cancellation/delays. Generally, most providers cover weather cancellations, sudden illness/death and emergencies whilst at home or abroad. This means that if your trip is cancelled for any reason or is delayed for more than 5 hours you may accept a refund, however once this refund has been accepted the staff no longer are obligated to look after you. If you still wish to fly then the staff will book you into another flight, and make sure you are safe and comfortable in your wait.

Standard cover for loss or theft generally states that no matter how expensive the stolen/lost item is, the standard payout is generally only up to £500 for any one item. Therefore, if taking expensive items away with you, it’s best to get them insured under your home insurance. The total paid out for stolen money or wallets is generally not much more than £250, regardless of how much you lose. The most important cover is personal injury. If you are injured abroad then this could cause a MAJOR dip in your finances, especially if travelling to an under-developed country. Medical treatment abroad could cost up to ten times what it does here if you aren’t insured, therefore it’s strongly advised you get yourself covered.

Although Tenerife is usually a safe country and whilst there isn’t a huge chance of any of these happening, it’s still a definite good idea to get it covered. If you’re a bit dippy and lose something or aren’t used to their food and become ill, then this could cost a lot more money than it should do. Take out travel insurance and ensure your holiday experience is a good one.




Written by lynx2travel

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