When my buddy asked me to be his best man for his wedding in Melbourne, I never dreamed we would have such a spectacular time. The wedding and reception were fabulous, and during the week prior to the marriage ceremony, the guys and I had an amazing time in this remarkable city. Without a doubt, Melbourne certainly didn’t lack for exciting things to keep us busy.

So much to Do in Little Time

The groom and the rest of us guys in the wedding party arrived in Melbourne a week before everyone else. We wanted to get in a little male bonding vacation in before the groom got hitched, so we set out to spend the week engaging in some of our favorite activities. We hit the beaches and found some perfect waves for surfing and got in a few games golf at several interesting courses, including the Royal Melbourne Golf Course, which is considered one of the best places to play in the world.

Melbourne surely doesn’t have a shortage of hot nightlife spots, and we found many where the patrons can get down till the sun comes up! We even stopped by a few disco clubs, but our favorite nightspot was the city’s largest men’s club known as the Centrefold Lounge. The wet t-shirt competition, topless barmaids (like Bea, our favourite), and sexy stage shows lured us to return the next night. We also splurged and paid for a tantalizing private lap dance for the groom.

The Day before the Wedding

As best man, it was my obligation and pleasure to plan the bachelor party, so I decided to book a three hour yacht buck cruise because they take care of everything. All my buddies and I had to do was show up with the groom. We spent the afternoon relaxing on the deck of a boat being waited on by gorgeous topless bikini girls, Kara in particular caught my eye.

We were served a tasty meal and lots of beer, in which we were able to choose from a selection of premium brands. They honored our groom by presenting him with a sizzling X-rated performance. Afterwards, we cooled off by taking a dip in the ocean.

Saying “I Do” in Melbourne

My buddy and his wife-to-be booked the ball room at our hotel for their wedding and reception venue. The hotel event team did an outstanding job of hosting the occasion. The room was decked out in the bride’s favorite flowers, red roses, with light pink accents. The food was remarkably delicious and the band sounded great and played all of the guest’s requests. I even got out on the dance floor and showed off my talent and a few of my signature moves! All in all, I had an incredible time during my Melbourne wedding visit, and will definitely be going back again soon.

Written by lynx2travel

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