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If you are seeking to enjoy a thrilling safari experience when money is not the problem, well Namibia should be the destination of choice. Namibia lies in the southern part of Africa and is largely dominated by the vast Namib Desert, it is a country that is less populated and boasts of vast spaces, dynamic wilderness and unique wildlife.

The Namib Desert is a harsh region but not lacking in terms of fantastic wildlife which has amazingly adopted its harsh climate. It is also home to the world’s tallest and most ancient sand dunes. Namibia offers vast unspoilt wilderness awaiting discovery.

There are private parks available for the luxury travelers which offer better game viewing facilities and also include night excursions which are not allowed in other ordinary locations. The Etosha National Park  is the normal choice for a safari in Namibia and is where all the action is packed and you are bound to see the Big Five and other exceptional animals.

The beauty of African safaris is the fact that you get to stay in luxury tents deep in the jungle, long gone are the days when safari tents offered just the basic accommodation; nowadays the safari tents offer five star accommodation, decent food and breathtaking sites.  The Ongava Game reserve is one such private destination offering luxury deep in the Etosha Park.


Italy is not just an ordinary holiday destination, it stirs the soul with its abounding beauty, ask the poets and artists who have stepped on its soil. It is a country that has won the hearts of luxury travelers worldwide; with every turn there is a panoramic vista awaiting the cameras to click. From the grapevine clad rolling hills in Tuscany to the glassy Lakes in Umbria and the gorgeous coastline with picture perfect cliff villages, Italy is here to captivate.

Its fantastic Mediterranean coastline is home to fantastic seaside towns, villages and fabulous resorts offering cozy accommodations ranging from incredible hotels to luxury seafront villas and well furnished apartments.

Italy offers spectacular cities, medieval towns seeping in history and picturesque villages tucked in serene locations and seem to have been stuck in time. In each of the magnificent regions luxury is bound to follow you every step of the way. You can spend time in boutique hotels in the cities, retreat to spacious rustic villas in the villages (click here for more info) or spend some time taking in the historical beauty of the medieval cities.


Uzbekistan is a country located in Central Asia bordered by Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. It is considered to be the most historically significant of the Central Asia republics. There are numerous historical treasures to be discovered on luxury Uzbekistan holidays and they include temples, mosques and monuments. The historical Silk Road is also one of the major attractions in Uzbekistan but also its intriguing mixture of cultures, bustling bazaars and outdoor adventures in the mountains and deserts makes it an off the beaten path luxury destination.

Uzbekistan may boast of innumerable ancient architectural structures but the modern establishments are also catching up. Due to its developing touristic interests, exquisite complexes have been built as luxury accommodations to offer comfort to its ever increasing visitors.

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