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On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone called “2G”. Since then, no less than 15 models of the brand have emerged and have sold more than 1 billion copies worldwide.

The release of the very first iPhone marked ten years ago, the beginning of a new era for the global market of mobile telephony. A true handheld device, an innovative and addictive object, Apple’s smartphone has quickly become the most popular gadget in the world, eclipsing the sales of BlackBerry, Microsoft and Nokia, leaders of the previous decade, as the Mashable site explains.

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Lance Playoff, a technology specialist for the information blog, recalls his first interaction with an iPhone:

He was visually pleasing, responsive, intuitive and smarter than any other smartphone I could touch. I knew that nothing in the universe of smartphones would never be the same again. ”

Since then, the iPhone has sold 1.034 billion copies worldwide, all versions combined, with on average a new model marketed every eight months. The end of 2015 began a first historic decline in sales. Samsung continues to lead the industry. Did you know that you can now play iPhone free slots as well as for real money at australian casinos? There is a range of online casino games available.

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