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Perhaps you have been abroad lots. Maybe you travel solo all the time, but in your own country? However, what about if you are combining these things to do something totally new! If you’re planning your first ever solo adventure abroad, here are a few ways you can make it a real success!

When you are still at home, in your usual surroundings, you are likely to be full of excitement and bravery. Once you reach your destination, however, this may wane. You might be jetlagged, or a little homesick, for instance. Or, these feelings may start to wane after a few days or weeks. This is even more likely to happen if you get lost, or have something stolen, or get a bit of food poisoning. But these things are all part of the adventure, and it’s important to remember that. So, remind yourself why you are travelling in the first place. Write yourself a letter before you leave home. In it, put all of your feelings of excitement, and why you are going. Perhaps you want to challenge yourself, or see something new, or move on from a bad breakup. Open it when you need it the most.

The time at home is also the time to make sure you have packed well. Packing well for travel doesn’t consist on the best outfits and fanciest shoes! It consists of the right things. If you are going hiking, high heels need replacing with a sturdy pair of walking boots! Taking the wrong things can spell, at best discomfort and at worst, disaster!

We’ve already mentioned things that may go wrong, one of which is food poisoning. In foreign countries, finding medicines and cures can be hard if they speak a different language. This is why you should always take your own medicines for these kinds of things from home. Take more than you think you will need. You may use them, or come across someone who needs to borrow some themselves! Your adventure will be far more successful if you can cure yourself nice and quickly of any ailments or illnesses.

So, you are heading off alone. That might be great for the first week days or weeks. But how about breaking that up with a bit of social interaction? Just because you are going on your adventure alone, doesn’t mean you have to stay alone once you get there. How about joining in a short tour. If you’re headed to Australia, kimberley tours can last just a few days, but fit a lot in! You may even meet someone or a group of people that you want to continue your adventure with. This is fine! There is nothing wrong with transitioning from solo travel to group travel; just do whatever feels right for you.

Finally, prioritize your own safety above everything else. Yes, there are certain risks involved with solo travel. However, if you are smart and sensible, you reduce your chance dramatically. Listen to your instincts, do what the guidebooks advise and most of all, stay alert.


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