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There are plenty of transport options in the Philippines, so weaving your way in and out the 7,107 beautiful islands of the archipelago should not be an overwhelming experience. Your options can be any or a combination of the following – airplane, bus, ferry boat, jeepney, tricyle, trisikad, banca boat and the famed kalesa.

You must be familiar with airplanes, buses and ferry boats already, but you’ve probably never heard of jeepneys before. In the Philippines, they are abundant, and they appear in different designs and colors. People ride jeepneys when they go to work, to the mall, or to anywhere else. The first jeepney was taken from the discarded US army jeep from the World War II, but over the years, it underwent a series of changes and finally evolved into the look it is now known today. There is usually a jeepney going a certain route, but in case there’s none, you can always get one for hire for your trip and enjoy the adventure.

Tricycles are motorcycles with a side car. A tricycle can normally seat 5 passengers. Tricycles are often seen in subdivisions and in marketplaces. They make great options for short routes only, and they are not usually allowed to go out in highways.

Trisikads are bicycles with a side car, too. They are not motorized, so they are limited to subdivisions and private roads only.

Banca boats are used to ferry people in and out of the island. They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Some banca owners even decorate their boats principally to attract tourists from all parts of the globe.

Kalesas are very popular in the Philippines. Although they are not any more used by the rich when they travel; however, their popularity stayed and they would still attract tourists from every age group.

With these travel options, getting around the Philippines will truly be an exciting experience.

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