Villa del Balbianello

Holiday villa is a popular form of self-catering in which parties and in particular large groups hire a vacation home for the duration of their stay. The location and interior specification of the villa tends to increase the price of such accommodation over the more commercially available accommodation mainly hotels. If you are considering any form of holiday villa in 2014, we have put together a number of cost effective and budget choice recommendations for you.


Some places are naturally dearer than others. For example, Western Europe will prove significantly more expensive compared to Eastern Europe or even compared to ‘emerging’ countries in mainland Europe such as Malta. So think of your location and if you are concerned about costs, venture to less mainstream destinations.


We’re not going to say size does not matter, it does. More space will often equal more freedom and increase level of privacy. However, naturally the bigger the property is the more it will cost. Villa holidays are purposely build properties that often structure over 2 or more floors and can contain anywhere from 3 to 10 rooms. You should closely monitor the size and number of room your intended property has, ensuring you are not paying for empty rooms. You should even consider gathering a few of your party members together in a small number of rooms so they can share. Size is a considerable factor that will bear heavily on price.


The level of interior spec will also influence price. Luxury elements in particular will increase the price and ultimately you have to ask yourself whether you will be using them. Many holidaymakers engaged in this type of vacation venture out to enjoy the local area and at times the villa is only used for sleeping. As well, commonly the duration of the holiday does not allow for sufficient time to use everything it has to offer, so ask yourself whether you will be using it and to what degree. You will probably be better of, financially and in terms of your satisfaction to invest more in the location rather than in the interior.


Holidaymakers incur significant costs due to food and transportation costs regardless of the type of holiday. Villas are like holiday home and as such they will include a fully working and fully furnished kitchen area. Naturally, tremendous savings are there to be made by preparing your own foods and eating out less often. In terms of transportation costs, these are normally expensive, as people tend to hire a car for each day of their holiday as opposed to using the more affordable public transport system such as train, bus and even shuttle. Ask yourself whether you will be using the car at the location.  If the answer is no, think twice about car hire.

Guest post by ABTA and ATOL protected Affair Travel. Affair Travel offers over 200 holiday villas in Europe in France, Corsica, Croatia, Malta and Montenegro.

Written by lynx2travel

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