Hervey Bay is a city in Queensland, Australia that is located on the beach-lined bay between the Queensland mainland and Fraser Island. In recent years, Hervey, which is sometimes referred to as Hervey Bay, has become a popular route for scuba divers to take to reach the Great Barrier Reef. The town, which has a population of 50,000 people, is notable because many “sea changers” live on the beach, courtesy of the fact that the beaches at Hervey receive almost no wave action. If you come to Hervey without a car, do not worry, a car hire is easy to get.

Sharks, Scuba Diving, and Beaches

Hervey, although it does not attract as many tourists as Coffs Harbour or Byron Bay, still has plenty of attractions, especially for those who enjoy spending time outside. If you do not mind sharing the beach with its “sea changing” residents, the beaches in Hervey are really sandy, and the waters are calm and clear, making for a perfect swimming environment. For those who are seeking some sharks, consider attending Vic Hislop’s Shark Show. The show’s main attraction is an 18 foot long Great White Shark that is frozen in an oversize freezer. The museum shows a number of different shark-themed documentaries, and has countless shark newspaper clippings and visitor-submitted pictures of sharks on display.

If you want to leave the beach and hit the water, there are many aquatic opportunities available in Hervey. Although the area’s calm waters do not allow for surfing, they are perfect for fishing. Guided deep sea fishing tours, as well as reef fishing tours, are available. Best of all, though, is that these fishing tours are geared to your fishing experience level, so if you have never tossed a line in the water, a guide will assist you in casting. Hervey’s waters are home to an abundance of fish species, ranging from marlin to garfish. Krystal Klear Charter boats will take you on dolphin sighting tours, or, if going under the water is your style, the company also offers snorkeling trips.

Go Outside the City

If roaming outside of Hervey suits you, a car hire will take you to the Hervey Bay Country Club. The club has a challenging 18-hole championship golf course. If you are lucky, you might see a kangaroo or two hopping around the fairways. Another option outside of the city is the WetSide Water Education Park. This water park, which uses the city’s recycled rain water to fill its pools, springs, and water games, is perfect if you are traveling solo or with young kids.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a 122 kilometer-long sand island located just a short boat ride away from Hervey Bay. The island was designated as a World Heritage site in 1992, and is a big draw for nature enthusiasts. The island has a robust population of dingoes, a wild dog that is indigenous to Australia. Other fauna on Fraser Island include over 300 different types of birds. Dovetails, pied oyster-catchers, pelicans, and terns are just some of the species that can be spotted on Fraser. The crown jewel for birdwatchers on Fraser, though, is Australia’s rarest bird species, the ground parrot. Interestingly, Fraser Island also has a freshwater wetlands habitat, which is home to such obscure animals as curlews, jabirus, and brolgas.

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