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With its captivating mainland and over 6000 islands littered on the Ionian and the Aegean Seas, Greece is undeniably a great holiday destination. It is a dream destination for many and for those who have been on a holiday to Greece, they have found the Grecian charms simply irresistible and they keep going back for more. Apart from its popular cuisine Greece offers spotless sandy beaches, centuries of history, charming cubed villages and sunshine.


It is the land famous for the pyramids of Giza; the stunning colossal monuments, the heat, height and the desert never fail to astonish. Egypt has more on its plate than the renowned pyramids; it is a plate of mysteries, ancient structures, intriguing culture and the River Nile. A cruise along the world’s longest river is rejuvenating and gives you an opportunity to explore the magic and pleasures of Egypt.


The sultanate of Oman may not be a famed destination, it remains unexplored and with new developments of elegant hotels set in isolated yet glorious locations, it is beginning to attract attention. For those seeking an off the beaten path experience, Oman displays its mind blowing wilderness combined with rugged landscapes proudly to the world. It is an adventurous paradise with hostile deserts, gorges and rugged mountains to explore. Click here to find out more about this amazing destination .


India is a country that never fails to impress, it is not only affordable but has so much to offer; from its bustling cities, famous monuments such as the Taj Mahal, its spicy cuisine, ancient traditions and spectacular wildlife. India is a destination that you have to come back to enjoy more, the temples, its people and its heavenly royal abodes will definitely woe you, and its ever changing landscapes are something to look forward to.


If you are looking for a place in the sun, yet closer home but of course in another continent, then Morocco would be just the place. Only a few hours from Europe, this north African country has been pulling in crowds from all over the world for anything from city breaks to adventure holidays. iI is seeping in history with ancient ruins, the soaring Atlas ranges, exotic culture and miles upon miles of golden sandy beaches. It is a destination where one can enjoy any kind of holiday; whether a beach, trekking, city break or a golfing holiday, it will not disappoint.


Taiwan is a relaxed Chinese Island that is crowned with inspiring natural beauty with exquisite beaches, soaring gorges and hot springs to welcome you. It is rather a gentler side of China hugely unaffected by the cultural revolutions of the mainland; this means that traditional Chinese culture and traditions are uninterrupted here. It also boasts of being home to the world’s second tallest building and its magnificent Palace Museum holds the finest treasures of the Forbidden City collected by emperors over the years.  As you stroll in the streets of any Taiwanese city, you are bound to come across majestic temples one after another and each more elaborate than the last. There is a reason why Portuguese sailors named it “Ilha Formosa” meaning ‘beautiful island’.

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