Canada @ SXSW 2007

Whether you need a quick weekend retreat or a longer stay, your getaway location of the year is Toronto, Canada. Toronto is a clean, friendly city that makes for a great place to escape to in the winter. Between the entertainment, music and fine dining the city has to offer, there’s plenty to discover in Toronto. Leave your troubles behind, get out and enjoy life in the big city!

Live music in Toronto is something you need to experience firsthand to believe. From the city’s thriving indie scene to the entertainment its clubs and bars have to offer, there is no shortage of culture here. Getting from one place to another is quick and enjoyable on the streetcars, buses and world-class subway system, but if public transportation is not your thing, there are always cabs ready to take you where you want to go. In the centre of all the excellent fine dining, art and live music Toronto has to offer is the Drake Hotel. Boutique hotels offer a much different experience than your run-of-the-mill chain hotel, and the Drake Hotel is no exception. Here, you’ll find an exciting cultural hotspot that hosts a multitude of events and artists for your enjoyment. These spots offer their guests a wonderful variety of services in an intimate setting.

Every night the Drake Hotel hosts a variety of entertainment and arts events in the Lounge, the Sky Yard, the Café, Room 222 and the Underground. Each venue has a different look, a different feel and a different sound, which makes everything just a little more fun and exciting. The Drake Hotel offers different styles of rooms to meet your individual needs; each room is decked out with its own look and feel and features original art on the walls. The restaurant offers up a menu that changes with the seasons but is always fun and inventive, with something for everyone. Guests who want to catch some sun or just luxuriate in a beautiful view of the city can venture up to the Sky Yard, the hotel’s rooftop bar, for some fine cocktails and food.
Between the food, the drinks, the entertainment, the staff and the people you’ll meet, the experience of staying at the Drake Hotel is guaranteed to be unlike any other you’ve ever had. While it may be true that there’s no place like home, after your stay here, you might just find yourself making a second home in Toronto.

Francis Jodden is a travel enthusiast who loves to blog about his latest adventurers for all of his many followers. While recently searching for live music events in Toronto for an upcoming trip, he came across the The Drake Boutique Hotel, and decided to visit them to see what kind of events they had to offer. He was very impressed with the music and culture he found there, and encourages all his readers to visit their website and take a look for themselves at what the Drake Hotel has to offer.

Written by lynx2travel

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