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While some of us are lucky enough to grow up travelling, many others who won’t leave their native country until they’re well into adulthood. If you’re this inexperienced, then jet-setting around the world can seem like a very daunting prospect. However, if you pack well for it, everything will go smoothly. If you’re planning to go travelling soon, then here’s a few handy accessories to bring.

First of all, a travel clothes line. If you’re anything like me, then your travelling will be characterised by penny-pinching and improvisation. One of the best ways to keep your travelling affordable and light is doing your own laundry wherever you are. Spending money on laundromats, rather than intriguing souvenirs, certainly sounds like something I’d regret! Get a travel clothesline, like the ones from Rolson, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money. Get yourself access to a sink, wash your clothes the old-fashioned way, and hang them up. The way travel clotheslines are designed makes them easy to set up and collapse, making them incredibly handy things to have on your travels.

You should also look for a wallet that fits comfortably in your front pocket. This is especially important if you’re going to be visiting any European cities. Many of these, particularly Rome and London, are swarming with pickpockets. While it’s pretty easy to steal things from someone’s back pocket or bag, the front pocket is a different story. If most pickpockets see that your wallet is in your front pocket, then they won’t bother attempting to steal it. Even if they do, it will be far more obvious than if your wallet is anywhere else. Leave your big, chunky wallet with pouches for everything at home. Instead, look for a smaller, slimmer thing, like the stylish magnetic wallets from Fossil.

Finally, a few things to pamper yourself. If you stay exclusively in luxurious hotels, then you’ll have everything you could want waiting for you in the room. However, this probably won’t be the case! Hostels and B&Bs aren’t going to have that many luxuries, so pack your own. These personalised bath robes from Richard Haworth are a great way to get yourself cosy wherever you are. Facial wipes, dry shampoo and sanitiser are handy things for keeping yourself clean on the go. A bed liner will also come in handy, especially if you’re going to be staying mainly at hostels. In fact, a lot of hostels require it from guests to cut down the cost of washing bedding. Finally, bring a microfiber towel. I know your favourite from home is probably wonderfully warm and soft. However, a microfiber towel is much better suited to travelling. Whatever luxuries you decide to bring, make sure they’re convenient and compact enough for your travels.

These three accessories will make your travelling easier, safer and more comfortable. There are a lot of other things I could have listed here, so hop around! It’s good to be prepared, just make sure you can still keep light!

Written by lynx2travel

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