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Travelling alone has its drawbacks, but it has plenty to its advantage as well. If you’re going somewhere with family, or with a companion, then there has to be some compromise. You have to go some places you’d probably rather not, while leaving out places you’d really like to see. And it may be worth it, but when you go it alone, every part of your trip can be something you chose, a pure shot of indulgence.

When it comes to Canada, there is a lot of it to see. A lot of things to do, too, more than you could ever really cover in one conventional trip. And so, if you’re on your own, you can take your time a bit more. You can enjoy all of what Canada has to offer. This is particularly good if you’re a gastronome. You can make a bucket list of all the things you want to try, and tick them off without a friend judging you.

1. Poutine: A Canadian Speciality That’s Going Worldwide

More and more, restaurants around the world are catching on to the indulgent joys of poutine. The dish originated in Quebec, and this is still the best place to sample it. French Fries – or chips, depending on your nationality – are topped with cheese curds and then poured over with gravy. You may need to sit awhile to digest this dish, but it’s worth it, especially with a tasty Canadian pale ale to wash it down.

2. Sushi Pizza: Fusion Cuisine At Its … Weirdest?

It may seem a little weird to say that a combination of a Japanese dish with Italian fast food is a Canadian speciality. However, this combination seems to have first popped up around Japanese restaurants in Toronto. It has gone on to become a favourite in Canada’s largest city, and is something that has to be tried at least once. The base is a fried rice cake, and spicy mayo stands in for tomato sauce. Sounds odd, tastes amazing.

3. Beaver Tails … No, Come Back!

If you’re walking the streets of Ontario with a Canadian friend and they ask if you’ve tried beaver tails, don’t panic. It’s not the actual tail of an actual beaver. It’s a flat pastry topped with chocolate and can have toppings added. Those toppings can include whipped cream, sliced banana or other candy. It depends how healthy you want to be. Going by the most popular toppings, “not very” is the usual answer.

4. Smoked Meat, Quebec Style

Quebec’s deli food is reason alone to seek out a visa to travel to Canada immediately. As well as being the home of poutine, excellent bagels topped with smoked meat are a staple diner food. A good, hearty lunch or a light dinner, they can be an addictive meal and something to keep the cold Quebecois winters from biting too hard.

Yes, Canada also has all the fast-food joints you’ll find everywhere else. In Quebec, though, KFC is actually “PFK” because the Quebecois are more French than the French themselves. But if you’re looking for real authentic Canadian food, take a walk around and open yourself up to a culinary adventure.

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