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We’ve looked at a lot of great places to visit in Asia with this blog. From the tropical island paradise of the Philippines to safaris in Singapore. South-east Asia really is a gem of a destination for those who love travel. But we’ve yet to really cover the biggest and perhaps most influential of all the Asian destinations. China has no shortage of attractions and entirely unique experiences. It’s a huge country, with a diversity and a certain mystery few others have. In the places less centralised, sometimes even maps won’t help you find your bearings. For this article, we’re mostly going to look at what to do in the east of China.


Living history

One of the most iconic structures in the history of mankind stands all along the north of China. Of course, we’re talking about the Great Wall. There are a lot of different ways to experience it, too. At over 6,000 kilometres, it takes a dedicated traveller to try see it all. If you want to see some of the fortifications at their finest, it’s recommended you check out the most popular section, Mutianyu.


The heart of China

One of the best parts of northern China has to be the cities dotting the eastern coast. A little bit inland is the most impressive of them all. Beijing is the last of the Four Great Ancient Capitals. The proud culture that towered over its neighbours for so long is evidence in the Forbidden City. But the metropolitan glam of it isn’t overshadowed. The Emperor Hotel offers some great luxury and dining experiences right on the edge of the Forbidden City. Add to that retail and city living experiences that easily rival the other metropolises of the world.


Overwhelming nature

East and south-east Asia are famous for having some of the best experiences of the natural world you could wish for. That’s no different when it comes to China. You only need to see a photo of Mount Huangshan, or the Yellow Mountain, to see that. Creative souls and thinkers have always and will continue to see out this peak of natural beauty for inspiration. It’s highly recommended that you do the same.


Exploring the Yangtze River

If it’s nature that you’re talking about, you can’t miss this out. The Yangtze is one of the most impressive and historically impressive rivers the world has to offer. There are group tours to China that focus almost entirely on seeing all the great stops this river has to offer. The huge golden Buddha statues at the temple in Wuhan. The jewel of the river that is the city Chongqing. There are loads more places to explore, if you’re willing to board the frequently launching ferry services.

I’ve only covered a minute portion of what there is to see in China. With time, we could spend numerous articles on any of these points. Perhaps we will. What I wanted to show was that China is by no means a destination that you should think of skipping over. You’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice if you do.

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