6 Extravagant Things To Do In Dubai

As one of the top destinations in the world to visit, Dubai has some of the best and most extravagant things to do. If you know someone who is planning on going to Dubai and has the money and amenities to do extravagant things, they should definitely try one of these 6 things.


Dubai is very popular for skydiving. Many people choose Dubai as the location for their skydive because of the magnificent views of The Palm and the whole of the city from the sky. It’s not every day that someone will get to jump out of an aeroplane so he or she should take the opportunity to do it when they visit Dubai.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is often known as a sophisticated and sometimes extravagant (depending on the venue) activity to do. And there are plenty of places in Dubai to go for afternoon tea. The delightful British activity can be enjoyed in 5* hotels across the city including the Sultan’s Lounge on The Palm where they can sip tea in the evening heat on the outdoor terrace.

VIP Shopping

Only for the most privileged and extravagant customers, the Dubai Mall offers a membership where customers can receive a range of amazing perks. The perks of the VIP’s includes exclusive access to the mall lounge, a porter service, invitations to special events and golf buggy transportation around the mall. So if you’re feeling extravagant enough you won’t even have to walk to the shops!

Swim with Dolphins

A great memorable activity to do as a family or couple is to swim with dolphins. Atlantis, The Palm offers the chance for guests to experience one-on-one encounters with the friendly sea creatures. The world-class resort offers stunning, iconic views as well as memories that will last forever when making friends with dolphins.

Car Heaven

Nothing says extravagant than expensive, fast sports cars. And in Dubai you can’t walk down a street without seeing one, even the police drive around in Lamborghinis. So why not fit in with the locals in Dubai by renting a supercar and have a choice from the many suppliers. Race down the famous Sheikh Zayed Road or through Downtown Dubai in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati or any other extravagant car you fancy.

Hot-Air Balloon for Two

A hot-air balloon is one of the most romantic dates. If someone is trying to impress their partner, this could be one of the most extravagant and romantic ways to do so in Dubai. Once up in the air, the private hot-air balloon will glide over the beautiful desert where a couple can enjoy breakfast in the air.

So whether someone has lots of money to splash when visiting Dubai or they are looking for an extravagant activity to treat their partner or family with, Dubai definitely has plenty of things to choose from. They might want an adrenaline-fuelled afternoon by skydiving and speeding through the city streets. Or they might want to keep their feet on solid ground and enjoy 5* dining and afternoon tea. Whatever his/her preference, Dubai has something for everyone so make sure you check for cheap flights to Dubai and book something extravagant today.

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