Kill Time When Travelling

Travelling can be really boring, especially when there isn’t much to see out of the window. Long car drives, long-haul flights, and train journeys from one end of the country to the other can quickly become dull. Even the morning commute feels like an expanse of lost time. You can reclaim that time by making good use of it. Here are five ways to kill time that won’t leave you feeling frustrated.

1. Read a Good Book

Many people don’t have time to read anymore, but it’s really important to read both fiction and non-fiction. You can learn more about your job and become better at it, or learn about an area that interests you. You can lose yourself in a fantasy world without all of the stresses involved with this one. It’s good to bury your nose in the written word for a while, and with e-readers now available, you don’t have to lug around a heavy volume.

2. Write Down Your Thoughts

Whatever you are thinking of, it’s definitely worth something. Take along a notebook, or install a note app on your smartphone, and just jot some things down. It could be ideas for a new project at work, something personal you want to develop, plans for the future, or just your own ramblings. Make a habit of this and you might just end up working out some really great gems.

3. Listen to a Podcast

This doesn’t just have to be educational, but could also be entertaining or interesting. Plenty of people and organisations have their own podcasts that you can download and listen to. This is perfect if you are in the driver’s seat, as you can occupy your ears with some entertainment while your hands and eyes are busy concentrating.

4. Play a Game

It’s a great idea to entertain yourself with a game, as this will keep you amused for a long time. You could download something like Scrabble to your tablet, or buy a book of Sudoku puzzles to keep your mind active. You could even get online to a site that offers slot games like this one to amuse you and train your hand-eye coordination. You never know, you could end up a millionaire by the end of your journey!

5. Watch a Movie

Watching a film is the time killer of choice on a plane, so why not do it in other situations too? All you have to do is make sure that you download it before you go, onto whatever device you will be bringing with you. Invest in a pair of headphones too if you are taking public transport, so you don’t annoy everyone around you. A TV series is a good bet too. Even if your journey is less than the runtime, you can pause and pick it up again later.

Travelling doesn’t have to be something that feels dull or a waste of time, so start making an effort to use that time more wisely. These five methods are just the start, and you can probably think of other things to do as well.

Written by lynx2travel

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