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A lot of people choose a vacation in the Caribbean because it has some of the most beautiful beaches and exciting activities in the world. You may be surprised to know there are many gorgeous islands you can choose from when deciding where to go in the Caribbean. Here are five of the most amazing islands you should visit.


One of the most well known and popular islands in the Caribbean is Barbados. The white sanded beaches are a draw for most with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sun rays as the country enjoys hot weather all year round. The most popular beaches are Dover Beach and Carlisle Bay. For something more active, there are some amazing golf courses, and a wealth of watersports for you to try including scuba diving. The drink is also great in the country, with rum being a popular choice.

Dominican Republic

Another top choice for millions of visitors every year is the Dominican Republic. The popular country has a ton of fantastic beaches if you want to relax in the sun for the duration of your holiday. The country has plenty of stuff to do for adventure seekers with many water sports to try such as windsurfing and scuba diving. If you go to Playa Grande Dominican Republic, you can find 10-hole golf courses, with fantastic views over the cliffs. The country even boasts nine airports.

St. Lucia

One of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, St. Lucia is full of honeymooners who are looking for some alone time. The country has many stunning hotels which enable their guests to be able to relax on the white sanded beach. It’s also a popular place for music fans with the Jazz and Arts Festival drawing many visitors to the island. As this article reveals, St.Lucia is one of the cheaper islands than the others so you won’t spend as much cash. The views are incredible as you can go hiking up the Pitons. Shoppers will love the market where you can get some great bargains.


Another fantastic place you should visit in the Caribbean is Aruba. The country has more of a desert feel than the other islands. Aruba is more family friendly than other islands with plenty of resorts being ideal for families. The beaches are again amazing for doing some sunbathing, or doing watersports such as scuba diving. As this feature explains, Aruba has some great nightlife with fantastic bars and restaurants and casinos.



If you want a lively vacation, you will find this in Jamaica, which is in the center of the Caribbean. Foodie fans will love the country’s spicy cuisine. It’s ideal for urban music as it’s where Reggae music was created. As well as the amazing beaches, you can do many activities here such as birdwatching and water sports. You will also find some of the best golf courses situated here.

These are just a few of the destinations you can visit in the Caribbean, with others including Bermuda and Puerto Rico, which are just as stunning. For an even bigger list, check out this guide by The Crazy Tourist.

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