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Whether it’s for a honeymoon or just an annual getaway, traveling in luxury is always a great idea. Why not see the world, without roughing it? Or relax while you are expanding your horizons, with an extravagant break? If this sounds like your cup of tea, check out our top suggestions below.   

Las Vegas

Vegas is a perfect place to experience all the luxury that there is on offer. There are high-end hotels, bars, and restaurants all over the place. Anywhere you can pay a premium, will get you access to all sorts of things like free food, casino membership, and drinks. High rollers even get comped suites for their stays.

There are some seriously luxurious hotels in Vegas, with tiered floors like the Encore. This means the higher up the towers you go, the better accommodation and service you get. If you want to go for that extravagant touch, then make sure to hire a poolside cabana for personal waiter service in the day.  At night get some of the best seats in the house for one of the big Cirque du Soleil, magic or music shows.


Going on safari doesn’t mean you have to rough it anymore. You can see all the stunning African vistas without having to shake your bed out for bugs. Enjoy five-star accommodation while spending your days roaming the bush, looking at rare and exotic animals. Use Safari Club to pick a tour that focuses on the very animals you wish to see like gorillas or whales. Or combine your safari holiday with some time at the beach for that real luxury experience.


There are aspects of skiing that make it super luxurious. Hot tubs and catered chalets are all par for the course on a luxury ski trip. Don’t forget you’ll need to get yourself kitted out with all the latest apparel, too, if you want to look your best on the slopes. If you are in need of some pampering after a hard day on the slopes, you can book a recuperative massage. Then you should be ready, willing and able for that evening’s apre ski.

Spa retreat

There are few holidays that are as luxurious as a spa break. Choose an exotic and tropical location, like Thailand. Then you can combine all the excellent treatments with opulent and lush jungle or beach surroundings. One of the things that make a spa break so luxurious is the opportunity to choose from extravagant treatments to relax or invigorate you. Pick from manicures, facials or hot stone massages, or to just take some time chilling out in by the water and catching some rays.


Finally, no luxury holiday review would be complete with mentioning cruises. What better way is there to see the world than to be taken from place to place in an ocean going five-star hotel? While your on board you can make the most of the lavish dining which includes a la carte as well as well-stocked buffets, and copious snack options. Then there is plenty of entertainment to choose, from dance classes to movies to evening shows. But don’t forget to book your shore tours while you are on board. Choose the premium options on day trips. Then when you arrive at your destinations, you’ll be guaranteed to see all the major landmarks. Without any of the hassle of trying to sort it out yourself. Before setting sail, why not enjoy what Miami has to offer and stay in luxury private residence rentals. The beaches in Miami are incredible!

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