If you like to explore and visit new places, a multi-location holiday might be for you. There are lots of fun ways to discover your country and the world. Read our tips to make the most of them.

1. Interrail / Eurail

Interrail or Eurail passes are not just for gap years. They are used by people of all ages from around the world. An interrail pass can be purchased by EU citizens. Citizens outside of the EU need a Eurail ticket. Prices depend on your age and the duration of your stay. They allow you to visit up to 30 European countries.

One pass will allow you to travel across Europe’s rail network for free. There are a few limitations but for the most part, you can buy your ticket and away you go. Lounge on beaches, explore cities and visit mountains and olive groves. You can do all of this in one holiday. And you’ll meet a variety of people from different countries. This is something that everyone should do at least once.

Tips For Interrailing:

  • Take a travel pillow such as the Travel Sleeper for long journeys. This will provide you with some much-needed comfort.
  • Travel light. Whatever you take you’ll have to carry for the entire journey.
  • You will be travelling through several countries. Try to learn some basic phrases before you leave.
  • Pick out a European guidebook. If possible, load it onto your phone or e-reader to save space.
  • Take mainly traveller’s cheques and some cash. The Euro makes this process easy. A debit card is also useful as a backup.
  • Decide whether you intend to camp, stay in hostels, or in other accommodation.
  • Expect to pay a supplement for sleeper cabins on the train.
  • Book campsites and accommodation in advance. They sometimes book up quickly.
  • Use a lock to fasten your backpack to your seat or luggage rack

Narrowboat / Canal Boat

Narrowboating is a fun, relaxing holiday. Gather a group of friends together and cruise slowly through the countryside and cities. There are lots of beautiful places to discover, and you’ll see them all from a unique perspective. Each morning you’ll wake up to a new view.

Tips For Narrowboating:

There are lots of routes you can take, so a little planning is required.

  • You will need to make progress each day, so make sure you pace yourself.
  • Prepare for all weather. You’ll need to keep moving, whether it’s sunny or raining.
  • Expect to be involved in all aspects of the experience, including steering, navigating, and cooking.
  • Combine eating in with eating at one of the many pubs you’ll find on your journey.
  • Be respectful to other canal users.
  • Be aware of safety rules before you travel.

3. Road Trip

A road trip is always fun. A few friends, a few tunes, and the open road. Throw your essentials in the boot, and you’re off.

Tips For Road Trips:

  • Load your iPod up with favourite tunes.
  • Plan a little but leave some space for spontaneity.
  • Take paper maps, as well as a sat nav. You will be glad of this backup if GPS fails.
  • Pace yourself and take it in turns to do the driving.
  • Swot up on basic repairs such as changing a tyre.
  • Carry some cash for toll booths.
  • Bring a spare car key.

Multi-location holidays are several holidays in one. Plan a little, but don’t be too rigid. Have fun and make some awesome memories.

Written by lynx2travel

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