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Business travel always seems so glamorous. Jetting off to far-flung places at a moment’s notice. Interesting strangers in the first class lounge. Staying in luxury hotels and eating in fancy restaurants. The reality rarely lives up to this. What you usually find is a pretty lonely existence spent in airport lounges and hotel rooms. The next time you jet off for work, follow our tips to get the most out of your trip.

Look Up Your Destination Ahead Of Time

If you have chance, look up your destination ahead of time. Find out about the area and whether there are any places worth visiting. Online searches can yield a lot of useful information, from things to do in Houston to places to eat in Boston.

Save yourself some time by reading reviews and getting an idea of what other people thought about the area. Look for recommendations. If you’re traveling on a budget, look for tips on low-cost places.

Set Some Goals

As well as establishing business goals for the trip, set some personal goals too. These could be getting to know an area, or practicing your language skills. Being specific about goals can help make your trip more productive.

Keep Notes

Keep a notebook for your business trips and update it whenever you travel. If you experience a good or bad restaurant, make a note. If you find a reliable taxi firm, note it down. The next time you travel to this destination, you will already be equipped with some useful tips and numbers. If you prefer to make notes on your phone, use an app like Evernote.

Take Noise-Canceling Headphones

Take some noise-canceling headphones whenever you travel. These are great for airports, the plane, and noisy hotel rooms.

Avoid Eating Alone

Business travel can be lonely. Wherever possible, join up with other people and eat with them. Lots of people travel for business nowadays. You never know, you may even meet some useful business contacts.

Book Several Meetings

If you’re traveling to attend a meeting, catch up with other contacts while you’re there. Phone ahead and book in other meetings with clients or contacts in the vicinity. This will ensure you make the most of the trip and save you time in the future.

Eat Well

There is a temptation when traveling for business, to treat it like a holiday. Therefore, you can find yourself overindulging. This is fine on the odd occasion. However, if you travel frequently, this can become an unhealthy habit. Try to make healthy food choices as much as possible.


If your hotel or accommodation has a gym or pool, make the most of it. Working out while you’re away will help you to remain alert and focused.


If you’re traveling alone, avoid staying on the ground floor. This provides easier access to potential thieves. Always place your valuables into a safe. Make sure you are not overheard when the reception provides you with your room number.

Travel Light

Only pack essentials and travel lightly. If you need to take brochures and other literature, consider posting them ahead of time. You will be pleased you made this decision as you navigate transfers.

What are your best tips for business travel? Let us know in the comments.

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